The only Agency authorised by law to regulate professionals in the Ghana real estate sector. Regulating Real Estate

Persons or companies selling, buying or renting land and property on behalf of another person.

Persons working for a Broker to sell, buy or rent land and property on behalf of another person.

Persons or companies developing properties for sale or rent, managing or marketing property.

About REAC

The Real Estate Agency Council (REAC) is a government agency established by the Real Estate Agency Act, 2020 (Act 1047) to regulate the real estate agency sector in Ghana.

REAC will register and license professionals and entities, enforce provisions of the law and regulate all the players in the Ghanaian real estate agency sector.

We will protect consumers’ interest in real estate transactions and ensure the public engage confidently with trusted real estate professionals, in all aspects.

The need for regulation

The inefficiencies in the real estate sector created an imbalance where players acted in a way that did not generally lead to a benefit for the country as a whole. Regulation will now provide for the following.

Influence pricing

By providing a transparent basis and support for pricing.

Reduce risk

By highlighting and cutting risks with transaction structures.

Improve standards

By standardising professional behaviour and practice.

Money laundering

By monitoring and reducing the incidence of this in transactions

Promote trust

By working against fraudulent transactions and conduct.

Data availability

By making data available to influence real estate decisions.

Who qualifies to be registered

Companies or individuals can register under the appropriate categories below. Non-residents and persons passing a course of study can also register in future.

Valuation and Estate Surveyors (GhIS)

Lawyers (GLC)

Persons with five-years prior experience

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Office Number: +233 (0)302 773 339
Email Address:

Office address: 17 6th Link Close, Cantonments, Accra.
Digital Address: GL 042 5760.

Postal Address: P.O.Box GPO 4331, Accra.

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